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Koinly helps you calculate your capital gains and generates a Form 8949 that you can easily file with your tax return. You can also generate an Income report that shows your income from Mining, Staking, Airdrops, Forks etc.

Koinly IRS crypto tax report for US investors

Capital gains - Form 8949, Schedule D

US citizens have to report their crypto capital gains on Form 8949 and Schedule D. Koinly generates a ready-to-file Form 8949 with your trading activity and gives you the numbers to put on Schedule D.

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Koinly offers a range of crypto tax reports for the IRS to suit US cryptocurrency investors

Income report - Mining, staking etc

Generate an income report with your income from Mining, Staking, Airdrops, Forks, Lending etc and simply copy the numbers into your tax return.

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