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German crypto tax is complex. Cryptocurrency is viewed as a private asset in Germany, as opposed to property - which has some distinct tax implications. It means crypto attracts an individual Income Tax, rather than Capital Gains Tax - but only in specific circumstances. In general, you'll pay Income Tax on short-term capital gains and from most crypto income like mining, staking and airdrops. This means as a German crypto investor, you need to report you crypto gains in your annual tax return to the BZSt. But tracking each taxable transaction manually is hard work, and it's easy to get your calculations wrong. Thankfully, with your crypto tax report from Koinly, and backup from an experienced local tax professional, your crypto reporting is in good hands. Whether you're in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and beyond, our directory features crypto accountants, tax advisors and legal professionals who are well-versed in the taxation of cryptocurrency in Germany. Browse our directory below to find crypto tax professionals in Germany.

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How is crypto taxed in Germany?

Learn how the BZSt treats cryptocurrecy with Koinly's Ultimate Crypto Tax Guide for Accountants.

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