Crypto tax in Australia can be a complex matter. It involves considering both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax, and it's crucial to accurately report all capital gains and income in your annual tax return. However, for busy investors, calculating each taxable transaction and ensuring correct reporting can be challenging and it's worth noting that the ATO imposes significant penalties for any errors.

CountDefi specializes in global technical DeFi crypto tax reporting and provides a range of online services to Australian investors. With several years of experience in the crypto asset tax trade since 2017, CountDeFi is well-versed in providing tax-efficient reports on crypto assets.

They aim to help individuals meet the regulatory requirements specific to their country of residency. By leveraging their team of tax professionals, data expertise, and comprehensive understanding of the crypto landscape, CountDeFi offers a solution tailored to the needs of Australian crypto investors.

CountDeFi can assist Australian investors with ATO-compliant reporting of various aspects, including capital gains and income. Their services aim to simplify the complexities associated with crypto taxes, ultimately saving investors valuable time and effort, while ensuring compliance with ATO regulations.

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